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On our farm we have been raising Shorthorn cattle for over 20 years.  The love of this breed has been in Tom’s family for generations as his grandfather and uncle before him have raised registered Shorthorn cattle.

We strive to produce docile cows with sound feet and good udders.  Shorthorn bulls are used on all of our cattle both purebred and commercial.  This produces calves that gain well, are easy to handle and are very marketable.  Shorthorn cows are very maternal, quiet and the calf never has to worry about milk.  We have several prospects for your next bull every year.  Colors are aplenty in our bull pen, we have reds, whites and roans.

Our children have now started in the Newbrook 4-H Beef Builders club and are using Shorthorn and Shorthorn cross animals for their projects.  We have discovered they are easy to halter and work with.  There are always some females or steers available in the fall for 4-H projects.  Here are pictures of our son and daughter with their projects this year.

Please feel free to contact us any time to discuss our herd.  We look forward to talking with you.

Looking out on life at Sharom Shorthorns

Feel free to stop by the farm, someone is usually home.