Sharom Shorthorns Heading


Here is a sample of the purebred females in our herd.  We strive to select females that are large framed, docile and milk well with good udders.  Maternal traits are strong in the Shorthorn breed and we see that in our females.  Cows are expected to raise a good calf every year and maintain their own body condition.

In our commercial herd we have crossed Shorthorns with Simmental, Hereford and Angus with great results.  Represented here are pictures of some of our Shorthorn X Simmental cows and calves.  All calves pictured are sired by a Shorthorn bull.   Some of the females are half Shorthorn already.  Shorthorn cross calves make great 4-H prospect calves.  Give us a call anytime to discuss our herd.